Monday, September 6, 2010

Progressive school system fires Nashville teacher

The song linked to was written by Bryan Glover, a teacher in Nashville who also coaches Middle School football. He was, the educational bureaucrats in Nashville claim, fired not for his views but because he used the database of the parents of the players to email them the song from his computer at his home on his time.

It is usual that when you have a child in football email is used to announce practice times, schedule times, etc. In fact, sometimes to sell such things as equipment. Yes, high school football has equipment provided. The lower grades do not.

Now, I ask you. Was what he did a firable offense? I think not.

But then I am not a Progressive Teacher angered over someone criticizing The Cat Food President, aka Obamie.

Anyway, here's the song. And I hope Bryan will sue the heck out of the school.


Hat tip to Mike L.

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