Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Muslims and progressives and insults and rights

The question is not whether or not burning Korans, or any book, is “smart.”

The question is whether or not our Florida preacher should be allowed to do it.

The answer is yes. It is wrong but it is his right.

The question is not whether or not Muslims will riot, threaten to riot and protest and claim they are “insulted.”

The question is should we care.

The answer is no.

The question is not whether or not the Koran burning will increase hatred against our troops.

The answer is yes.

Many in the Muslim world population, driven by the extremists among them, and much like the political correctness gurus within the US, are professional “insultees.”

And the Muslim extremists use this as a weapon against us.

The way to take that weapon away from them is to say, “We don’t care.”

Does anyone actually believe that forbidding the burning of Korans will stop the Taliban? Stop al-Qaida?

The answer is no.

And isn’t the question, why are we in Afghanistan and Iraq?

In Iraq it was thought that a well developed country had WMD’s. It was later determined they did not, or else they had hidden/shipped them someplace. But what was found was the will to reinstitute programs to develop nuclear weapons and chemical/biological. (Remember Saddam had rockets capable of delivery.)

We went through Iraq’s military almost without pause. But the mission was changed to “nation building.”

Have we been successful? The answer is still out but what we are seeing as Obama withdraws our troops is more violence. I would give the odds of a successful conclusion at 50-50.

In Afghanistan we had a country of tribes living at around the 10th century level outside the major cities and, perhaps, late 19th century in the major cities.

Having fallen under the control of the Taliban they harbored bin Ladin and allowed him, and al Qaida, to piece together an attack on 9/11.

We could discuss who was responsible for the USS Cole, the embassy bombings, etc., but we know they happened because of radical Muslims, so who cares what flavor?

So we went to Afghanistan to take down the Taliban and capture bin Ladin. We had fair success with the former but bin Ladin fled into Pakistan.

We reduced our efforts in Afghanistan while concentrating on Iraq but we are now back. Our glorious leader has told the Taliban we will be leaving next year and guess what.

The enemy sees victory in his grasp and is killing Americans to keep the pressure up. Vietnam redux.

I have never seen anything as stupid as Obama’s statement. He made it to satisfy his Leftie base and it is now killing US soldiers.

So the question of can we “nation build” in Afghanistan is already answered. We cannot. Obama surrendered when he said what he said.

Now we have an extremist Muslim using unknown financing and mouthing hateful statements about America claiming his right to build a mosque at ground zero. And the people who faint at the thought of a manger with a doll representing baby Jesus on a shopping mall’s parking lot and demand clerks be fired for wishing them “Merry Christmas” are shouting that they must be allowed to do so because they have religious freedom.

Now we have a preacher who wants to burn Korans.

And the same people who support the Muslim Imam attack the preacher.

That is hypocritical.

And the claim is that Muslims will riot and kill and our troops will be in danger. Some even go so far as to claim that we will be more in danger of attack within the US.

Folks, if you buy this excuse and condemn the preacher there is a word that describes what you have done.


You have been intimidated into accepting Sharia law which condemns burning the Koran.

Our military goes in harm’s way not to protect themselves, but to protect us and to insure that our rights are not infringed.

Is the preacher doing what he should not do? Yes.

Is the Ground Zero mosque builder doing what he should not do? Yes.

Two wrongs do not make a Right. And sometimes we have to decide which one is the lesser of two evils.

Your call, Folks.

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