Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Of garages and mosques and Pontiacs

I'm still sweating and painting and making the garage “neat.”

Garages ain’t supposed to be neat. Besides, I knew where everything was. Now, what do I do with those 4 jars of screws, nuts, bolts and various other pieces of hardware?

And I want to puke and it’s not the heat.

It’s all this PC BS about interfaith cultural understanding.

Look. I understand that Islam has provided the basis of some radicals to attack and kill. And speaking bluntly, I don’t see Muslims doing anything about it. They are screaming, “Don’t blame us!”

Okay. Now get your finger out of my eye and move this Ground Center Mosque to Hackensack.

I’m very tolerant.

And I love it when someone yells, “its New York’s business!”

Nice to know we have Leftie support for AZ1070. Who knew?

I mean, is building a mosque in a place that is special to millions of Americans and who oppose it being there the actions of a Muslim group that is wanting to be inclusive and get a long?

No. It’s not. It’s a deliberate insult.

And every politician who has supported this must pay a political price. Bloomberg in particular must have his career ended.


Did you ever wonder if, a 100 years from now, the citizens of Pontiac, MI will remember why a car was named after it?

I had a Booneville, but never a Chieftain. The Bonneville was a ’78 and I used it in business and then as a personal car. Finally sold it to a cabbie in Seattle. Saw it on the street about 5 years later. I recognized a distinctive dent in the rear bumper.

Nice machine. The only problem it had was the PVC valve never worked right and the air filter holder was always full of oil. It would pass everything but a service station.

Going back to the 9/11 mosque site discussion:

A mosque is far more than 4 walls and a dome. average muslims meet in the mosque at least once a day and devoute ones about 3 -5 times a day. Imams (moderate or extreme) preach to their congregation on all these times. Imam has considerable power over his listeners.

Meeting in mosque gives what ever sh$$t imam is preaching religious sanction and brings any questions or concerns to a dead stop. Do you seriously think meeting in starbucks, an imam can produce suicide bombers?

Even a moderate muslim (truly moderate one like my husband who prays only once a week and drinks alcohol and has married a non-muslim and not bothered to convert me) dare not contradict fellow muslims in a mosque - how ever radical or nonsense they are talking. such is the power of community. So calling a mosque just another building is a bit naive.

It is important to look into the ideology of this particular imam and the people funding this mosque. other than that there is really not much anyone can do since the law of this land protects religious freedom.

Appealing to muslims to make any accommodation to hurt feelings of non-muslims is a waste of time. It will not happen. there is NO history of Muslims of any stripe accommodating for any one other than perhaps out of fear.

Kinda nasty but the writer appears to have some actual experience.


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