Sunday, June 6, 2010

Only in Portland, OR

In mid-May, Portland police Officer James Crooker went to Southeast Portland on a patrol call. With a few minutes to spare, he decided to get a coffee.

So, he popped into the Red & Black cafe on Southeast 12th Avenue near Oak Street, bought a coffee and was heading out when a customer approached him, saying she appreciates the hard job that police officers do every day in Portland.

One of the co-owners of the cafe, John Langley, has another point of view. While the officer and customer were chatting, he walked up and asked Crooker to leave, saying he felt uncomfortable having a uniformed officer in the vegan cafe.


Hundreds of thousands of folks from California use to visit Oregon. The locals had a saying. "We love for you to visit, but please don't stay."

See what even legal immigration can do?

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  1. All felons in Portland take note, The Red and Black cafe oppose the cops. That means they are an easy mark. the customers they want hate the cops as well. Mark the location on the next GPS you steal. you are the kind of business they need.