Friday, June 25, 2010

On Apple...iSlam Muhammad bad.... Bible Thumper OK

"International Draw Muhammad Day" was a day of protest fueled by a Facebook page that encouraged followers to post images of the Muslim prophet. Fallout from the protest included the banning of Facebook and YouTube in Pakistan.

But Apple removed the app called iSlam Muhammad from the iPhone App Store, according to TUAW. "A description of the $.99 app encouraged users to 'enjoy violent and hateful passages from The Qur'an that support and encourage Muslims to attack and behead anyone who does not agree with them. See how Allah directs his followers to treat men and women.'"

"The app revolved around parchment images featuring controversial images from the holy text. The app was in the store for a day before it was pulled." (more here)

So no defamation of Islam -- that app was removed. Check out Penn's take.

"Apple pulled the iSsam Muhammad app and will not tell me why or what I could do to fix it.

This is the actual call I received from Apple when they decided to pull my app.

iSlam Muhammad is a simple slideshow application comprised of violent passages from the Qur'an and images of Muhammad."

The biggest problem is the fact that Apple allows an app called Bible Thumper, which does the same thing to Christianity, but no one may make an application that will offend Muslims.


Why would anyone be surprised? We are running towards Sharia law as fast as we can.

Fathers, cancel that savings account for daughter's education... It won't be needed. Wives, lay in a First Aid Kit so that you can doctor yourelf for the little "corrective" beating hubby can lay on you....

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