Monday, June 14, 2010

Clean those toliets!

Department of Education officials are investigating after students at a Bronx school claimed they were forced to clean toilets as a punishment.

Some students at In-Tech Academy in Kingsbridge say they were assigned janitorial duties as part of their detention as recently as last week.

"After school the principal came in with the inspector lady and she was like 'Oh, everyone has to pitch in and clean the toilets and stuff.' So we was cleaning them and we had to clean around them and nasty, it was just mad nasty," said one student.

"Like that's not cool, like making kids clean toilets like that's not how that should go," said another student.

The DOE says if the allegations are true, appropriate action will be taken.

I hope the "approprioate action" is to give them scrub brushes and a jumbo bottle of Lysol...

I mean, they really seem to think they are too good to clean up their own toliets.

And we wonder where Liberals come from.


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