Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last call for 1-16-10

Bits and pieces..

Here's an interesting article on the spy who came in from the dust and blew himself up along with 7 of the good folks.

Looks like a sad case of wanting to believe what they wanted to believe. And they paid with their lives.

No, I wasn't around yesterday. Spent most of the day visiting with old friends. There is life outside the blogospehere.

Martha Coakley: Too Big a Risk for Senatoror so says TalkLeft one of the premier far Left blogs. But don't get too excited. The thrust is to just set this one out. But that would help Brown.

Saw an interview this morning on FNC with a Haitian doctor.... who was in NYC worrying over family and friends in Haiti. Of course that's the problem. Haiti is exporting doctors and other talented people while the island country remains controlled by thugs.

I repeat. We can get them propped up but they have to learn to govern themselves. I see nothing that even remotely suggests they are capable of doing that.

It's raining. A nice warm 50 degree rain. Isn't it amazing how a couple of weeks of teenish weather changes ones view of the world?

Gasoline prices continue to rise. Obamie should say something about that, but since that is what he wants, then he won't. Gas prices are up about a buck a gallon over the past year. That's about $30 a week per family sucked out of the economy.

The "experts" are saying, "Double dip recession."

"Hey, dummies! How can something double dip that has never recovered?"

Obamie is going to Mass to campaign for Coakley. If Brown can pull this off the Demos will become desperate. Expect some really weird stuff.

I have listened to all the Derek Dooley stuff I can stand. If I had his number I'd call up and simplify things for him.

"Go 9 and 3 and beat Florida and all will be well. Oh, btw... We don't give a *(*&^& who your Daddy is."

Yeah, I'm willing to wait a year for my next trip to the National Championship game.

And I confess one of the most enjoyable things about the last one was telling an insufferable FSU fan....

"It has been a real pleasure watching us beat your sorry ass."

Sometimes somethings just have to be said to some people.

It's raining. Hard. All those leaves I mulched this week are being beaten into the ground. It just makes me feel so very green. I just know Obamie is proud of me.

Had some frozen okra from the freezer Tuesday night. At WalMart it is $3.33 a pound for the somewhat fresh stuff. My best guess is that I have a couple hundred bucks worth in my freezer. Similar amounts of corn and peas and tomato sauce. Just do the pasta and thaw the sauce... Make a salad and wow.

Be careful on the way home. Turn the lights off on the way out.

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