Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sharia law and moderate Muslims

As any regular reader knows, I distinguish between moderate and radical Muslim terrorists by just that. I carefully write "radical Muslim terrorists."

I do that because I recognize that the radicals are a tiny minority and that moderates are a majority.

Of course the question is this. Why does the majority tolerate the actions of the radicals?

Obviously many moderate Muslims don't want to condemn the radicals because they fear the radicals. And that is understandable. But it doesn't answer the questions raised by a poll among Muslims in Detroit.

Mosque participants were asked, whether they agree or disagree with the statement, "Sharia should be the law of the land in Muslim countries?" Sharia refers to Islamic law.

Apply Islamic Law in Muslim Lands
Strongly Agree — 59%
Somewhat Agree — 22%
Somewhat Disagree — 8%
Strongly Disagree — 3%
Don't Know — 8%


I don't see 81% supporting Sharia as moderate. Sharia law contains numerous provisions that deny tenets of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Conversion from Islam is punishable by death; non-Muslims are second-class citizens; a woman's testimony is not admissible in her own rape case, and on and on. I document these and more in Islam Unveiled and Onward Muslim Soldiers.

If these Detroit Muslims were truly moderate, they would renounce Sharia.


The problem is this. IF the Muslims surveyed see no problem with Sharia law in MUSLIM countries I think it obvious they would have no problem with it here.

Why do I say this? If Sharia law is not allowed then the radicals lose a huge part of their justification.

Yet when I watched CNN's totally biased report Sunday night on opposition to building a mosque in Rutherford county I watched a native born TN female claim that there are no problems.

Of all the people who you would think would have a problem with any religion that had any current practitioners following Sharia law, you would think females and gays would be front and foremost.

I think it plain that we haven't been educating people.

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